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Somehow “tomorrow” became “the day after tomorrow”. WHOOPS! :B So… - Sit down and talk... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 26th, 2007|12:36 am]
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[music |"Bachlorette" - Bjork]

Somehow “tomorrow” became “the day after tomorrow”. WHOOPS! :B

So when Marc decided to check out the “enclosure that no one comes from”, was I the only one that was worried that the environment might not have been survivable for humans? I mean, yes, all the different alien species in that part of the ship are oxygen-breathing creatures, but the climate might have been unbearably humid or full of ammonia or something. I would’ve stuck my hand in first, just in case.

Meanwhile, Marc just strolls on in. YOU ARE A LOT STUPIDER BRAVER THAN ME, MARC. And it turns out that I was worried for nothing. It just rains or drizzles constantly there. ZOMG, like Bermecia!

And that’s when we meet Sequi’aranaqua’na’seneme (“Sque” for short), a member of this species:


-octopus-like in appearance
-ten limbs
-limbs can be used for manipulation or walking
-recessed, silvery, horizontal eyes
-flesh tinted maroon, with suggestions of yellow molting
-body divided into three sections, with distinct head on top
-no neck or waist, divisions three body sections not immediately obvious
-pinkish mouth tube at the bottom among the limbs
-change colour according to moods

(As a side note, I can picture both of the alien species that we’re introduced to in these chapters much, much more easily. I’ll just continue to list the characteristics for fun.)

And OMG, is she ever a hoot. I think I love her. So arrogant and sarcastic... And she was abducted when she was high. XD You have no idea how much I laughed when she said that. That’s the greatest abduction excuse ever.

Sque would be absolutely fascinating to watch in motion. It must be almost as hypnotic to watch as the Aulaanites! Then again, the Aulaanites aren’t completely decked out in gems, beads, and metals like Sque is.

I loved it when Marc was so unsettled with her puffing up in anger. “AGHSIUGHlha;skjh, she’s changing colours and growing bigger and omg is she going to explode?!?!?!” It would’ve been quite anti-climactic if she did.

Sudden thought I had when reading this part: “If intelligence is measured by the amount of limbs one has, like Sque insists, the Umgah must be geniuses... Wait, they are, what with the advanced genetic engineering abilities. And the Ur-Quan... Damn, maybe there’s something to this after all... :O”

So a few days after that meeting and introducing her to George (for some reason I really got a kick out of him calling her a bitch), Marc is struck with a horrible case of cabin fever and goes nuts. He’s taken away by a group of five(!!!) Vilenjji and tossed into an enclosure with a being known for their violent outbursts:


-yellow-green bristly fur (more yellow than green)
-over nine feet tall
-bulging slant-pupiled eyes
-eyes sit on the end of thick, muscular stalks
-eye stalks emerge from both sides of the upper body
-single nostril is attached to a stalk in the center of the upper body
-mouth is a vertical, yard long slit lined with sharp teeth the size of playing cards
-two long tentacles along each side of the body
-four more tentacles on the underside of the body used for “walking”

Vagina dentata mouth! Wait, no...

O hay, Marc, it looks like you’re still making interesting observations: “For whatever reason, it turned with surprising grace on its walking tentacles and returned to the resting place where Walker had mistaken it for a portion of hill. Despite his fear, observing its movements aroused in the human a degree of admiration. Never in his life had he seen anything so big--not a rhino, not an elephant--move so gracefully. It was a thing of beauty to behold. Or would have been, had he not been scared to death that those self-same movements might at any moment be again directed toward him.”

*snicker* “Aroused”. </five-year-old>

You know, I didn’t actually expect Broullkoun-uvv-ahd-Hrashkin (aka “Braouk”) to be an advanced sentient. I figured that maybe he’d be kind of on the cusp of it, communicating with simple sentences and the like. Instead he’s a poetic gentle giant who only gained a reputation for violence because he was lashing out at everyone else as a result of the trauma of being abducted.

lol at Marc’s attempts at poetry. Go back to your sales, dear. Poetic verse is not your forte.

Man, I want to listen to Braouk’s long, epic songs.

So with two new acquaintances along for the ride they hatch a cunning plan for escape. Thank God Sque was there to correct Marc’s stupid notions “Gee, guys, do you think they can see and hear us through all this mist in Sque’s enclosure? :B” “What, you’ve never heard of body heat sensors and extra sensitive sound receptors?” “Oh! Uh...yesnowthatyoumentionit.” “*sigh*”

I’m looking forward to reading about the escape attempt and the panic that will ensue. It should be interesting to see them fumble around with the controls to the ship. And what about Sque’s addiction? That--That’s not going to be pretty. D:

This is all assuming that the plan works, of course.

Human beings totally got the short end of the stick in the limbs department, it seems. As a general overall observation of the characters in the book, three out of the five alien species that we’ve been detailed on so far have tentacles. I LIKE THIS STATISTIC. :D Is this part of what you meant when you said that I’d really enjoy this series, Octal? Because you were right.

AHGDHJHDkdfjskdf;fk, so much to catch up on, friends list-wise. D:

[User Picture]From: melaniedavidson
2007-11-26 06:21 am (UTC)
I thought so too, but then you have enclosures filled with a desert environment and ones like the Aulaanites’ that’s mostly made up of heavy water, so I’m not sure. Maybe the Vilenjji just trust that their captives will be smart enough not to go into certain environs?

Hmmmm... true. I'd forgotten about the heavy water. :O

You think so? It’s from Final Fantasy IX, the only FF that I love and a game that I’m dearly attached to. It’s a shame that it’s the most overlooked part of the series.

Well, yeah! It was coooooooool.

You could tell that she was a wee bit embarrassed to admit that, too. I don’t know how Marc kept from at least snickering when he heard that.

I know! XD It is rather silly.

For whatever reason, at first I pictured the gems as kind of...glued to her skin in pretty patterns or something, but maybe it’s just a bunch of braces and “neck”laces. There was mention of her wearing some sort of cloth, but that could have just as easily been more of a scarf than what the average person would think of as clothing.

Oh hey, yeah, glue would work. :O Let's see... *flips though book* "swirls of brightly colored cloth" does sound more like it's just sort of draped over and around. So scarf-like things would make sense. Although it does sound like the ornaments and things cover up a lot of her--"Visible in the gaps between this extraordinary assemblage of..." (emphasis mine).

“AAAAAAAAAAAH, IT’S GOING TO EAT ME oh hey that’s a rather pretty way to move around OH GOD IT’S COMING CLOSER!!!!!”


Yeah. I guess it’s a good thing that Marc came up with the idea of completely embarrassing himself. Now that’s going to be an interesting first impression to reminisce on later in life. “Say, kids, did I ever tell you about the time that I first met Marc and he lied down belly up and lolled out his tongue like some sort of dumb beast?”

No kidding! Although that bit kind of hit my embarassment squick, there.

I’m still wondering if Alan does this on purpose or if it’s just a bunch of happy coincidences.

Sometimes I'm convinced it's intentional, but... tentacles are a good way to make aliens seem more physically alien.

(Off topic: Did you see this? It appears that I’m not the only one lamenting the lack of Commonwealth fanfiction. And yes, adf is Alan himself.)

Yep! In fact, I was just poking around the forums today.... It's nice that he's okay with the idea of fanfiction, anyway. It's always a little disappointing when an author isn't.

Ooo, I love surprises! :D

Especially this kind, I bet. :3
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