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Sit down and talk...

I am, after all, curious.

Before we get into information about me, I suppose I should explain the purpose of this journal.

This is actually my second account, the other having been abandoned long ago. It's mostly for communities, fandom friends, and the like.

As for myself? I'm mostly silly with a lot of obsessions centered around books, video games, and cartoons. You could probably figure out the details of those for yourself when reading the interests section.

I mostly lurk around the internet, occasionally popping my head up to say a few things. The scary thing about doing this for so long is that I feel almost as if I've seen everything on the web. I'm sure it's not true, but almost every site that has been mentioned to me by a friend has been met with an "Oh yeah! I saw that a few months ago!".

Before you ask: Yes, I have a life. I just also have a lot of free time. :)

You could probably glean more information about me from my actual entries here than from me blathering on and on about myself. I'll just let you go to it, then.

Asexuals Can Love Too.