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Promises, Promises... [Feb. 18th, 2008|01:08 pm]
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So between random internet connection outages, power outages, and all around laziness, I didn’t get to make the promised entry. I hope you all forgive me.

Despite all that time away from posting on LJ, there really hasn’t been much in the way of interesting things that have gone on in my personal life. The holidays went as smoothly as they often do around here. My brother came home from college to visit us for a few weeks, which was surprisingly nice. I never thought that I’d miss that little bugger and his liveliness so much. Without him around, my family and I become rather boring individuals.

Speaking of him, near the end of his stay he walked over to me while I was busy with something on the computer and proudly announced that he played his first game of D&D at college. He was practically beaming, and I had to keep myself from laughing at him. Why? Because this same boy is quite conservative and religious (even the college he’s attending is a rather prominent Christian one) and several years previous when I told him that I’d given Dungeons and Dragons a try (albeit a pretty bastardized version) he was pretty weirded out. I think it was because he believed all those rumours about it being a “demonic” game, although probably not to the hilariously idiotic extent of Jack Chick.

So yeah, I was pretty amused by my brother’s revelation that not only was it not such a bad game after all, but he actually enjoyed it..

As a result of that talk, I got a bit nostalgic and decided to go and look up the different D&D races and monsters, just to see how in-depth the creators went into them (and, admittedly, to look at the pictures :B). As I’m going through them I come across the Thri-Kreen, a race that reminds me of a brownish and bipedal version of the Thranx. In the appearance department, at least. On a whim, I look them up on Wikipedia to see if they were a reference/nod to the Thranx, and guess what I find? Apparently Star Control’s own Paul Reiche III came up with them. :O It seems that I just can’t escape the grip of SC2, even when I look into other fandoms. Not that I’d want to, but you know what I mean.

As a side note, I really hate it when fantasy and sci-fi canons give humanoid/mammalian breasts to beings that should not have them. Also, notice how in the second example the male is much more monstrous and lizard/serpent-like while the female looks like a very skinny human with some vague lizard facial features. Yeah.

My birthday (Jan. 23rd) came and went without much fuss, which is fine. I’ve never been one for birthday parties or celebrations or anything. There was a bit of a happy coincidence, though: alanahikarichan started playing The Captain over at damned. It gave me a chuckle, anyway. Now to start stalking reading about his antics and see what happens when he finds out that ZEX is there. >3

Got a new job, finally. That’s where I am now, in fact. It’s pretty cool. The only drawback is that I get home quite late and I’m usually too tired to read much from The Light-years Beneath My Feet. Damn. It looks like I’m going to have to put some time aside on the weekends to read it.

I have something else to write about, but I’ll have to edit it in when I get home. It's a bit on the, shall we say, NSFW side.


So I've found it. By accident, actually, which just further proves my theory that if I ever want to find something, the best thing for me to do is not look for it.

But anyway, here it is: Four 10 second clips of the only completely consentual tentacle sex scene from a commercially available hentai series that I've ever seen. I don't think I have to tell any of you how rare this is. The demon/alien/whatever is even concerned about his partner and asks if she's scared, implying that he'll stop if she wants him to! :O This just...blows my mind.

[User Picture]From: melaniedavidson
2008-02-25 05:20 am (UTC)
Yep, he got a line in the first Harry Potter book:

...said Percy Weasley pompously across Harry as "Zabini, Blaise" was made a Slytherin.

That's all. But a million fics were written about him anyway. We found out for certain in the sixth book (I think) that he was 1)male and 2)black, the combination of which instantly Jossed about 99% of fanart and almost that much fic about him. And some actual characterization stuff, I think. :B

Yeah, he’s quickly become a beloved SC2 OC over there. Crazy! But he’s one of [info]zarla’s OCs, and she always makes great characters.

*nodnod* This is true. I mean, just look at Scriabin. And Edgar, too, although not to the same extent (since he did have some characterization in the original; it was just brief).

A lot of people are starting to ship ZEX/DAX too. XD And ZEX/Captain/DAX, which is awesome I love threesomes so freakin’ much. I think it would take a while for DAX to warm up to the Captain and stop thinking of him as “That human bastard that ruined ZEX and took him away from me”, though.

Oh I know! :D It's wonderful! ZEX/Captain is my primary OTP, ZEX/DAX is a close second, Captain/ZEX/DAX is my OT3 (and possibly even favored above ZEX/Captain), and DAX/Captain is getting worryingly appealing. XD I just love all three of them, really.

*nods* Yeah, or if she isn’t bleeding or being torn apart.

...oh man, the guro. :( Yeah, browsing imageboards is always an... adventure.

Ooooooooo I like your backstory! (Oh and obviously you'd be able to choose your character's gender! Although to my way of thinking it should be purely aesthetic gender with no significant differences in how the game plays out, or the dialog you get. And of course Everyone Is Bi. :B ) And the goal would be to get all the necessary info back to the base/whatever.

So this would be like a sort of fetch-quest adventure game type of thing? Cool!

Exactly! And I'm thinking there would be puzzles, although not Sierra-hard puzzles but rather ones you would have a chance of solving without dying first. You'd pretty much be able to explore and try different things without too much fear of death/lost progress; there wouldn't be any of that "Neglect to pick up an item on the third screen, and the game is unwinnable! We won't tell you until it's nearly the end, though" stuff I've heard about. You could die easily and frequently if you weren't careful, but you wouldn't end up with useless saves for the most part.

Out of curiousity, what do you envision the controls, abilities, and graphic to be like? I mean, I know this is more of a pipe dream and all, but it’s still fun to think about.

...Well, in my head I've been picturing it as having similar controls and such as Space Quest VI, where you have... I guess you could describe it as multiple cursors, at the top of the screen, and an inventory thing. Like, if you click on the tongue icon, then the cursor becomes that, and whatever you click on is licked and you get a message about how it tastes. Click on the eye icon and you can use it to get descriptions of objects. Click on the inventory icon and you get a list with icons of everything in your inventory, and you can choose one to use. You move by clicking on the place you want to go... SQ has discrete screens, but I don't think TentaQuest would be quite like that; I like smoother scrolling better. I guess there would be transitions when you were going "up" or "down", though (not actual up and down, although I guess there could be some climbing... but "toward the bottom of the screen" and "toward the top of the screen", you know, like in Legend of Zelda. North and South, I guess.). So it would be third-person POV, definitely. I was thinking the graphics would be 2-d, but a little more detailed/sophisticated than SQIV (example. Mainly I'm thinking of just more detailed sprites.). And when you... encountered... a tentacle monster, there'd be a cutscene animation (if there was an item you needed to use, you'd have a chance at the beginning, before the cutscene really started).

Whoops, hit the character limit.
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